Finobe General Guidelines
  1. You must be at least 13 years of age before registering.
  2. Don’t be racist or hateful. If you use a racist word (e.g. any variant of the N word) or a slur (e.g. the homophobic slur starting with F), you will be banned.
  3. Don’t be immature. For example, erotic roleplay and general sexual behaviour are not allowed. Comments about the human reproductive system are not allowed either.
  4. Don’t cause drama.
  5. Don’t exploit servers. Don’t post IP trackers on the forum either.
  6. Don’t bully or attack other people. Everybody messes up from time to time. In that regard, be respectful and understanding of other users.
  7. Don’t grief servers. You will be banned for griefing if an admin deems it necessary. User reports will not be taken for this infraction.
  8. Don't make off-site deals or you'll be permanently banned. What happens on Finobe stays on Finobe.
  9. Don't farm Dius or attempt to manipulate the economy. You are not allowed to create alternate accounts for the purpose of gaining more Dius on your main account.
  10. Don’t make death threats. You will be permanently banned if you make any death threats.
  11. Don’t evade bans by the usage of alternate accounts. If you are found evading a ban, all of your accounts will be permanently banned.
  12. Don’t downvote things just because you don’t like them. The downvote button is present to show that something doesn’t belong somewhere.
  13. Don’t sell invite keys and don’t use sold invite keys. Any accounts that use purchased invite keys will be banned.
  14. Don’t scam or manipulate users for personal gain. Your trading rights may be revoked for such actions, and you may even be permanently banned for larger offenses. For example, don’t try to convince users that an item is worth more than its actual worth.
  15. Don’t create an offensive or otherwise inappropriate username. For example, usernames with slurs, bodily functions, and other things that would be considered “immature” are not allowed.

You should use your common sense. These are the most common infractions that we take action against. If something is not listed here, it doesn't mean it's not against the rules.

Finobe Content Guidelines
  1. Don’t upload or post copyrighted content.
  2. Don’t upload furry content. A lot of furry content creators do not like their art being stolen and uploaded on another website.
  3. Don't upload content that is NSFW, including “borderline” NSFW content. Examples of this include overt breast shading on shirts and t-shirts. We also do not allow “muscle” content.
  4. Don’t upload fascist, neo-Nazi, or generally-extremist imagery. This includes symbols actively used by white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups.
  5. Politics are generally not allowed on Finobe, with the main exception being posts in the “Serious” forum category.
  6. Don't kick or ban administrators from your place. Your place will be disapproved.
  7. Don’t upload models or places with obfuscated scripts. You will be permanently banned.
  8. Don’t create or use content that can potentially harm people, for example things that cause seizures for people with epilepsy.
  9. Do not upload models with viruses or potential backdoors for the purpose of exploiting.