Terms of Service

None of us at Finobe are lawyers, so we don't speak legalese. We don't have money to hire one, either. Let's make this clear and easy for the both of us.

By using the Finobe website, you agree to the following terms.

  • You must be 13 years of age or older to use or register for Finobe.
  • Finobe is not responsible for any user actions. A lot of content on the Finobe website is user-generated.
  • You must not excessively scrape the Finobe website.
  • You are not allowed to modify, distribute, or take advantage of any code distributed within Finobe (including exploiting).
  • You must not spam the website with invalid requests.
  • You must not create a new account in the event you receive a moderation action (which includes, but is not exclusive to a warning, ban, or permanent ban).
  • You must not link to or engage in the transmission of unlawful content to the Finobe website. That means no copyrighted content.
  • If your account gets compromised, you will not receive any compensation.
  • If the Finobe team receives payment for any goods or services (or any other monetary transaction) for any reason, it is final.
  • Don't sue us.
  • We kinda own the stuff on the site, unless if it belongs to another person/corporation/object.
  • These terms may change at any time, with or without notice.